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Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is a major city in Maryland with a long history as an important seaport. Today, this harbor area offers shops, upscale crab shacks and attractions like the Civil War–era …

West Palm Beach

This city has it all, the perfect weather year round, the miles of beaches that stretch on endlessly and breath taking skylines. If you're still in doubt, just think of …

Ft Lauderdale

This city has it all, the perfect weather year round, the miles of beaches that stretch on endlessly and breath taking skylines. If you're still in doubt, just think of …

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For over 15 years we have been helping talented professionals find the opportunities they are seeking. Top hospitals are looking for you and pay significant bonuses to relocation candidates! Whether you are just starting to think about relocating or ready to move right now, Reloscout can help you.   We are not a job board, we are not a recruitment agency. After spending a couple minutes filling out our form you will start the process of having hospitals contacting you about opportunities.

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Emergency Room Nurse

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As a HCP, You Have Specific Needs

You have specific, location, hospital quality, city or possibly local needs for your family. Our services include your own dedicated Relo Specialist (Scout) that will search and find locations and hospitals that align to both your desires and your skills.  The Relo team has relationships with hundreds of hospitals in the US and will provide your skills and experience to them and make sure there is a good match.  At that point in time we will provide you with direct client access, no need for someone between you and the hospitals of your choice.

Reloscout Registration Benefits

Direct Client Access

Unlike many other companies, we provide you with direct client access as soon as it is determined it is the right fit for both parties. This involves very little effort on your site other than registering for Reloscout and a quick phone call from a Scout, after that it is you and the client.

A Quick Resume Consultation

It’s totally optional but if you have your resume ready to go or even a previous resume we will take a quick look and make some suggestions to help you get your application on the fast track.

Location Lifestyle Consulting

Reloscout and the Reloscout team can evaluate your needs and desires and give you suggestions as to where you might want to move.  For example, if you want to live on near the beach with the best salaries and lowest cost of living we can help evaluate these needs.

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